Durham On-Site Calibration

When you’re working with precision measurement equipment, every tiny measurement counts, which is why it’s so important to have your equipment calibrated. At F. D. Hurka Metrology, our precision measurement equipment experts are here to make sure your calibration goes exactly according to plan. When you schedule an on-site calibration appointment in Durham with
F. D. Hurka Metrology, our expert technicians will provide services to your precision measurement equipment with care and caution.

What Is On-Site Calibration?

On-site calibration in Durham means that our calibration experts will come to your facility to calibrate your equipment. This is handy for equipment that may be too large or too sensitive to be transported. We work hard to ensure minimal disruption to your day and your business while the calibration is performed. F. D. Hurka Metrology’s calibration accuracy is unmatched, as is our customer service. We get you and your equipment ready to serve your customers with the same excellence you always have.

What Equipment Do We Work On?

Here at F. D. Hurka Metrology, our expert technicians have experience in a multitude of metrology disciplines. We offer on-site calibration services in Durham for the following systems, but not limited to:


Bridge Style CMM

Articulating Arm CMM

Optical Comparators

Video Comparators

Vision Systems

Height Gages

Hardness Testers

Surface Plates

Hand Held Gages

ULMM (Universal Length Measuring Machines)

Torque Wrenches

Laser Bench Micrometers

…and more!



Hi-Pot Testers


Temperature (Direct Reading)

Temperature (Electronic Simulation)


Moisture Meters

DC Power Supplies

Decade Resistors

Current Shunts

Clamp-On Meters

High Voltage Probes

Magnetometers – Gauss Meters


Insulation Testers


Function Generators

…. and more!

Providing precision measurement equipment and calibration services throughout Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, & Virginia.


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