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EasyTom XL

Powerful. Step-in cabinet. Large size samples.

Industrial Micro & Nano Computed Tomography System

The largest standard system in the RX Solutions lineup is the EasyTom XL CT Scanner. The extensive scanning area enables unrivaled investigation of very large objects. This robust CT system is made to handle the most difficult 3D applications, from material research to commercial applications in research and development, quality control, and production. Large components or assemblies up to 600 mm in diameter and 720 mm in height can now be viewed, measured, and analyzed with excellent resolution thanks to its very large scanning volume.

No Settling: High-Resolution Micro & Nano-X-ray Computed Tomography in Combination

The only step-in cabinet that enables the combining of nano focus 160 kV & micro focus 230 kV high power and high-resolution X-Ray sources is the EasyTom XL. Because it can accommodate an X-Ray tube with a voltage of up to 230 kV, thicker and denser samples can also be examined. The EasyTom XL provides fine details, the balanced contrast and brightness needed for high quality images even at low energy levels, and a variety of generators & detector options.

An X-ray Solution that is Flexible

The design makes it simple to access the rotating stage and enhances sample location because of the large, wide door opening. The ability to handle samples weighing 80 kg or more and facilitate easier part positioning are both made possible by the 9 motion axes. Acquisitions are made simpler, quicker, and of higher quality because of the increased placement flexibility of the components and the adjustable distance between the source and the detector. Even larger parts may be inspected thanks to the ability of both the imager and the tube to be moved.

EasyTom XL Front View
EasyTom XL Side View

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