WENZEL – Manufacturing Partner

F. D. Hurka Metrology is the distributor for WENZEL America in our exclusive nine territories. Their products range from 3D laser scanners to inspection systems, white light scanning heads, and a high-speed optical CMM range. WENZEL is a family-owned company and has been a vital partner and expert in the manufacturing industry since 1986. Reach out to our sales and staff professionals to find out how WENZEL products can benefit your company.


WENZEL Products Offered Through F. D. Hurka Metrology

F. D. Hurka Metrology offers a variety of WENZEL’s high quality products through our lifelong partnership. For the past 40 years, WENZEL has been a leading CMM manufacturer in the manufacturing industry. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of WENZEL products, please reach out to our team today! F. D. Hurka Metrology is here to help you find the best product match for your needs!

WENZEL LH Compact Coordinate Measuring Machine FD Hurka Product

LH Series

WENZEL Shop Floor SF FD Hurka Product

Shop Floor (SF) Series

WENZEL exaCT® U FD Hurka Product

exaCT® Series

WM-Quartis Software

WENZEL Axis Measuring Arm FD Hurka Product

Mobile 7-Axis Measuring Arm

WENZEL R-Series Coordinate Measuring Machine FD Hurka Product


X Orbit Series


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