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X-ray CT – See Through Your Parts in 3D

Look inside your products with X-ray Computed Tomography, a non-destructive technology for 3D inspection. As an easy-to-use and powerful technology, CT scanning reveals hidden details of your parts by giving insights into internal and external structures, such as detecting defects, analyzing materials, and measuring assemblies.

With a quick x-ray scan, you get to see the invisible. From the outside, a part can seem ready for manufacturing or market launch but to ensure its quality you need to see through it in just one simple scan.

Xray Parts Inspected

As a go-to tool for quality control, inspection, defect detection, and dimensional metrology, X-ray CT has made it possible to investigate details and improve products in one scan. Automotive, aerospace, e-mobility, electronics, 3D printing, academic & research, and many other industries use 3D X-ray CT scanning for product development and production & quality control. Applications include porosity analyses, assembly inspection, reverse engineering, coordinate measurement, wall thickness analysis and many more.

Improve Your Products with 3D X-ray CT

  • No need to cut parts and lose crucial information to locate defects.
  • Save time and money through early defect detection.
  • One 3D rendering result for every internal and external feature.
  • Inspect any kind of parts’ shape or form, whatever its complexity.
  • X-ray CT can be used at every step of a product life cycle, from research & development to quality control & production.

RX Solutions – Design and Manufacturing of Innovative CT Systems

RX Solutions designs and manufactures innovative, non-destructive x-ray imaging systems and software. By covering a range of industrial and research applications in micro and nano-tomography, RX Solutions offers high-resolution, easy-to-use CT systems for any user, whatever your expertise.

Recognized for their high performance, their flexibility, and reliability, RX Solutions CT systems and software are used by companies such as L’Oréal Group, Renault, Merit Medical and research institutions Johns Hopkins and EPFL in research & development, quality assurance, production control, and scientific research.



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