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Lab CT system. Multiple tubes & detectors configurations.

CT System for Industrial R&D and Academic Research

The open and adaptable UltraTom system is perfect for both academic and commercial R&D applications. UltraTom is hosted in a sizable bunker that is part of your facility and may be customized for any test requirement. The system’s surrounding environment makes it simple to perform even the most elaborate in-situ CT studies. The most difficult 3D applications, from material research to industrial applications in R&D, quality control, and production, have been perfectly addressed by this robust open CT system.

An X-ray Solution that is Flexible

Maximum versatility of sample size and orientation is provided by the UltraTom CT system. UltraTom has a very large scanning volume that enables high-resolution visualization, measurement, and analysis of even sizeable components or assemblies. The 9 motion axes make it simple to position parts, which can weigh up to 100 kg. Even larger parts may be inspected thanks to the ability of both the imager and the tube to be moved. Easy, quick, and higher-quality acquisitions are made possible by the positioning flexibility of the pieces and the changeable distance between the source and the detector.

High Resolution and High Power Nano & Micro Configurations

Up to three high-power, high-resolution X-ray sources can be combined with the UltraTom, which also has a variety of flat panel detectors and cameras that can be quickly swapped out to tailor the system to meet even the most stringent application requirements. The UltraTom offers fine details, balanced contrast and brightness essential for high-quality imaging even at low energy levels, and an ultimate resolution down to 0.4 µm.

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